About VeggieWave

Hello, my name is Susan Ebacher and I am the owner of VeggieWave. My primary interest is in raw vegan food.

My Story

Eating raw foods began to attract my attention when menopause set in and began to ravage my body. Slim all my life, it seemed as if I was doomed to watch my body become fat. I was horrified by how easily I gained weight. Nothing seemed to work for me as I tried diet after diet, exercise program after exercise program. The more weight I gained, the worse I felt, physically, mentally and emotionally. It felt like I couldn’t even think anymore.

The Master Cleanse

I was about to give up and accept these brutal changes when I happened upon some information about “The Master Cleanse”. The Master Cleanse is a 10-40 day fast. It involves drinking a lemonade recipe throughout the day,  drinking a laxative tea before bed, and performing salt water flushes first thing each morning. It promised clear thinking, energy, a sense of well-being and weight-loss – a virtual panacea!
Armed with lemons and Grade B maple syrup, I embarked upon a 20 day cleansing, following the directions precisely. It took awhile to see some results, but by the 20th day, I had lost 12 lbs., I could think with crystal clarity, and I generally felt better in every way.

Learning About Raw Food

While I was doing the Master Cleanse, I studied about raw foods on the internet and borrowed books from the Public Library to learn more. It seemed like an easy transition to go from not eating any solid food for 20 days to eating raw foods. Besides, I had read that it is common to regain half the weight-loss after going off the cleanse, and I didn’t want that to happen to me.
By the time I had completed my cleanse, I had amassed a small collection of raw recipes and purchased a dehydrator, food processor, juice press, blender and spiralizer to make my raw life easier.

Raw Vegan Diet

All of that happened in February 2008. Since then, I have been a raw vegan foodist. Not only did I not regain the weight, but I have continued to lose weight gradually. I feel much better and have plenty of energy. My skin glows with health, I am never hungry and I think clearly. The raw food I eat is delicious and varied, and it is only on very rare occasions that I miss non-raw foods (like ice cream and fried shrimps). Even those few temptations will fade away in time, so what’s not to like?

Other Motivations

Although my primary motivation for eating raw food is nutrition, it seems like a natural progression that I have become more and more aware of the animal and environmental issues that prompt many to become vegan. While VeggieWave will not focus on those issues, I encourage you to find out more about these problems. I especially believe that anyone who eats meat should be knowledgeable about the severe consequences.

VeggieWave was launched in order to share what I have learned with others who are also learning. It is truly a labor of love. My dream is that VeggieWave will be a valuable source of raw vegan information, products and recipes. VeggieWave will continue to grow, morph and evolve, so please visit often and share the journey.


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